The Pantheon

Of the Gods that defended the World:

These are the ones commonly worshiped by civilized religions


The Lady of Fortune. Avandra’s spheres of power include luck, change, travel, trade, adventure, and the frontier. She is chiefly worshiped by the halfling tribes and the mercurial half-elves.


The Platinum Dragon. Bahamut defends justice, nobility, honor, and protection of the innocent. His followers are metallic dragons and dragonborn, and many honorable paladins and fighters of all races pledge their swords to him.


The Graceful Lord. Corellon delights in beauty, growth, music, and the arts. Eladrin and the more refined elves consider him their patron, as do all artists and musicians.


The Muse of Progress. Erathis protects civilization, invention, great cities, and just laws. Humans and dwarves find particular solace in Erathis’ comforting embrace, and most rulers and judges respect her sovereignty.


The Soothsayer. Ioun guards the secrets of prophecy, knowledge, and great skill. Tieflings are often drawn to seek her mysteries, as are some curious half-elves.


The Eternal Champion. Kord values strength, martial prowess, and the fury of the storm. Dragonborn pray to Kord for strength, as do the more battle-oriented members of all races.


The Wild Queen. Melora controls the wilderness, natural order, and the sea. Elves and eladrin follow her guidance, as do rangers and hunters.


The Stalwart Protector. Moradin guards the hearth, and values the earth, creation, artisans and craftsman. Dwarves worship Moradin at their forges, and many humans venerate this God as well.


The Radiant One. Pelor watches over the sun, summer, agriculture, and the passage of time. Humans enjoy the special favor of this God, and many of the commoners pray to Pelor for a good harvest.

The Raven Queen

Unique among the Gods in that only her title remains. The Raven Queen beholds death, decay, winter, and fate. Tieflings find a fatalistic comfort in her worship, and eventually every race has need of her services.


The Girl in the Moon. Sehanine favors trickery, illusions, passion, and revelry. Halflings delight in her worship, as do illusionists, tricksters, and other masters of the subtle arts.

These Gods are the Fallen, worshiped by savages and the depraved


God of the Nine Hells, not part of the original pantheon. He commands those who seek power, domination, and tyrannical control. He orchestrated the Fall, which corrupted the rest of the Gods. Devils flock to his command.


God of War. He delights in conquest, ruthlessness, and militaristic domination. Hobgoblins follow his dictates.


God of Destruction. Slaughter, plunder, and destruction are his commandments. Orcs are his most fervent followers.


Goddess of Lies. She revels in scheming, treachery, and spiders. The drow elves are her favorite worshipers.


Goddess of Greed. She teaches envy, jealousy, and pride. Chromatic dragons patronize her shrines.


God of the Underdark (The King That Crawls). Patron of jailers and torture.


God of Secrets. He rules over necromancy, the undead, and forbidden knowledge. Necromancers of all races seek his dark knowledge.


God of Assassins. Poison, darkness, and snakes are his domain. Assassins follow his teachings, and the yuan-ti worship him.

Of the Malthet

Little is known about these mysterious beings, save that they are many, and that they hail from the strange Far Realms, the aberrant dimension sealed beyond the stars. Inasmuch as such chaotic creatures can be said to have a goal, they seem to seek the destruction of the world they helped create. Dark warlocks in dread towers study the astral prisons of the Malthet, and some have even ascribed names to them (though this knowledge is hardly commonplace). The Malthet’s capricious, alien nature defies all description; however, some scholars have managed to identify certain distinctions between individual Malthet. There are roughly three categories which Malthet are described by. -Fleshspinners, or Dael’kyr, delight in the manipulation of organic material. Whether building the strongest possible warrior they can manage or simply seeing how much pain a creature can endure, the Dael’kyr

The Pantheon

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