The Malthet

Session 1
Sunday, Februrary 22

Episode 1: Unpleasant Memories

Tasked by the Grey Knight captain Nathaniel Ferringray to seek out and destroy a certain warlock, our heroes set out from the town of Arc to assault the warlock’s dread tower. Attempting to parlay with the door guards, our heroes patience soon exhausted itself, and blade crossed on blade yet again. Despite Don Juan’s poorly-timed cloud of darkness, the party defeated the human door guards and their dread magma hurler.

Bursting into the tower, the heroes found themselves confronted by two construct minions and several irritating imps. Making quick work of the steel menaces, the party found dealing with the vanishing imps to be slightly more vexing. The Sicilian suffered a major wound from the stinger of one imp, and Tiria tripped over a table in her haste to assault the imp. In the end, the Sicilian managed to pin one of the imps to the wall with his arrow, and Don Juan dispatched the other with a quick backflip.

Sneaking up the stairs, Don Juan, the Sicilian, and Tiria were able to surprise the room’s occupants, a mage and two skeletons. Dispatching the skeletons and their human master with little difficulty, the party found its path blocked by an insidious trap: scything blades that emerged from the walls! Don Juan attempted to disable the trap to no avail; the party was forced to evade the blades through more athletic means. Through quick feet and even quicker reflexes, our heroes successfully defeated the trap and continued to the top of the tower.

Stealthily peering out through the trapdoor, Don Juan saw the slippered feet of their quarry frantically pacing the tower, with his two bodyguards steadfast by his side. Throwing caution to the winds, Don Juan burst through the trapdoor, charged the warlock whilst yelling a ferocious battle cry, somersaulted, performed a whirling handspring assault, and smote the warlock a grievous blow with his short sword. The Sicilian, hot on his heels, finished the warlock with a careful arrow from his bow. The human guards, awed by this display of martial prowess, threw down their swords. The demonic threat was ended.

Looting the tower, our heroes discovered 400 gold pieces, as well as a magic amulet that would accord the wearer some protection in battle. Distrusting the devilish magic that seeped from the amulet, our heroes decided to turn in the trinket at the nearest church and receive the bounty upon the item. Thus, the party returned to Arc triumphant. Their next task would be to seek out Nathaniel Ferringray for their reward.

Next Week: The Grey Knights

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